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Arbequina Ultra Premium Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Creamy and rich.

Medium Intensity

This early harvest Arbequina displays a creamy mouth feel and a nice, slightly pungent finish.  Notes include savory artichokes and stone fruit.  It has a light lingering spiciness that gently fades to smoothness.

This oil is great for everything from salads to bread dipping to fish and chicken.  An all around winner.

Polyphenols:  257 ppm                  FFA:  0.1

Oleic Acid:  72                                  Peroxide:  5.3

DAGs:  95.5                                       PPP: <0.1

Crush Date:  May 2017

Country of Origin:  Chile


Sensory Taste Panel Assessment

Fruitiness:  5.0      Bitterness:  3.0       Pungency:  4.0


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