Report: Is Your Extra Virgin Olive Oil Really Extra Virgin?


A recent report released by the UC Davis Olive Oil Chemistry Laboratory in collaboration with the Australian Oils Research Laboratory stated that up to sixty nine percent of imported olive oil and ten percent of California olive oil samples that are labeled as extra virgin aren’t really extra virgin at all. The report shows that these oils failed to meet IOC/USDA standards for extra virgin olive oils – some by a staggering margin.

After analyzing 5 California brands and 14 imported brands, the two laboratories found that the samples that are routinely labeled and sold as “Extra Virgin” did not meet US or other international standards to qualify as such. The tests showed that many of the samples had defective flavors as well as traces of refined oils.

Kirkland Organic olive oils were the only imported brand that was found to pass the sensory tests in all 3 of the samples collected and tested, while only one California brand (Bariani) had sensory defects that were sufficient to fail the extra virgin sensory standards.

The following chart shows how the brands rated (and where they failed):

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Test Results

You can read the full report by clicking here.

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