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Favolosa Ultra Premium Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Herbaceous with a bit of pepperiness.

Robust Intensity

Well-balanced and high in polyphenols, this peppery oil is a robust Italian varietal with the herbaceous notes of fennel and radicchio.  Both peppery and mildly grassy, it makes a wonderful drizzling oil.  Made by one of the most award-winning producers of olive oil in Chile, it can be used in green salads, caprese, and strongly-flavored dishes that benefit from a little flavor boost.

Polyphenols:  381                          FFA: 0.10

Oleic Acid: 74.7                              Peroxide:  3.2

DAGs:  97.6                                     PPP: <1.0

Crush Date:  May 2017

Country of Origin:  Chile


Sensory Panel Taste Assessment

Fruitiness:  5.0   Bitterness:  3.3   Pungency:  4.3


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