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Galega Ultra Premium Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Smooth and fruity – a great mid-range flavor choice

Medium Intensity

This unique varietal is rarely found outside of Portugal.  It has notes of ripe banana and a lovely creaminess followed by a pleasant pungency.  It’s well balanced and has a high smoke point.  It is great with salads, mild dishes and chicken.

Crush Date:  November 2016

Country of Origin:  Portugal

Polyphenols:  263                       FFA:  0.1

Oleic Acid:  73.6                          Peroxide:  6.9

DAGs:  98                                     PPP:  <0.1

Sensory Panel Assessment

Fruitiness:  4.5       Bitterness:  3.5        Pungency:  3.5


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