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Gourmet Salts


Viking Smoked, Himalayan, and Black Truffle

Wow! We carry three amazing salts that we truly love:

  • Our Viking Smoked Salt has an amazing campfire smoky fragrance and a gentle smoky flavor.  It’s most popular applications are on baked potatoes and salmon.  However, we hear it’s even delicious on burgers and in eggs!  7.94 oz.
  • Our Sel de L’Himalaya (Himalayan salt) is exquisitely smooth flavored and makes wonderful pops of flavor on steaks and vegetables.  It is very healthy, carrying many essential minerals.  The bottle has a built in grinder and a divot in the bottom of the jar for easy grinding.  3.88 oz.
  • This Black Truffle Sea Salt is amazingly fragrant. It is rich and elegant! Try it on popcorn, potatoes, mac and cheese, seafood, steaks, and vegetables. Use it in a compound butter for an amazing addition to your dishes.  2 oz.

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