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Picholine Ultra Premium Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Robust with notes of green fruit.

Robust Intensity

This beautifully robust Picholine has notes of green fruit at first, followed by a pungent center.  Even so, it has a pleasant creaminess with food.  For those who like a slightly tongue tingling oil, try this one.  It stands up well to rich and strongly flavored dishes like beef, marinara sauce and casseroles.  And it is our highest anti-oxidant oil of the season.

Polyphenols:  440 ppm                      FFA: 0.1

Oleic Acid:  72.8                                   Peroxide:  5.4

DAGs:  97.5                                            PPP: <0.1

Crush Date:  May 2017

Country of Origin:  Australia


Sensory Panel Taste Assessment

Fruitness:  4.0    Bitterness:  4.5   Pungency:  5.0


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