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Cobrancosa UP Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil


A classic creamy and herby Cobrancosa!

Robust Intensity
Historically, Cobrancosa is one of our most popular Northern Hemisphere oils, and this particular one is very complex.  Layered with creamy flavors and savory notes of tomato leaf and green herb, it is surprisingly smooth for an oil with such a high polyphenol count.
Crush Date:  November 2016
Polyphenols:  399 ppm          FFA:  0.20
Oleic Acid:  72.8                         Peroxide:  7.4
DAGs:   96.9                                   PPP: <1.0
Country of Origin: Portugal
Organoleptic Panel Taste Assessment
Fruitness:  4.5  Bitterness:  4.0   Pungency: 4.5

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