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Shrimp Feta

Treat Your Guests to Deliciousness

Our customers tell us all the time that their guests love dishes made with our oils and vinegars since they have so much great flavor.  Just changing out the spices and olive oil in a dish can make it entirely new. 


Here we use the same recipe for sheet pan Shrimp and Feta for two flavors.  In one we used taco seasoning, Chipotle Olive Oil, and then served it in fajitas for a Mexican version. 


We can change it up by using Greek seasonings, lemon, and our House Blend Olive Oil for a Mediterranean version, serving it in fresh pitas.  Please enjoy our recipes an make them your own.

Shipping costs are up over 20% to many destinations this past year.  We have increased shipping prices just a fraction of that.  Also, we are no longer shipping our 750ml bottles; we hope this will help avoid further shipping increases.  Thank you for understanding.

Unflavored Oils

We carry a lovely array of healthy flavored olive oils, but don't forget our unflavored oils.

All of our oils are 100 percent Extra Virgin Olive Oil, making them the among the healthiest oils in the world.  Several each season have won international awards for quality, freshness, taste and purity.  

You'll notice a significant difference from typical grocery store olive oils in flavor.  Think of them as a condiment to add a lovely flavor to your food.  So if you haven't already, give them a try.

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