Medium Intensity


This super early harvest Athinolia is beautifully balanced and comploex.  Notes of creamy artichoke and tropical fruit abound.  If you enjoyed last year's Athinolia, this year's will WOW you.


     *Biophenols: 378.7 ppm                FFA:  0.37    

      Oleic Acid: 75.9                                Peroxide: 5.8

      DAGs: 93.9                                         PPP: <1.0


Crush Date:  September 2020

Country of Origin:  Greece



Sensory Taste Panel Assessment:

Fruitiness:  4.5, Bitterness: 3.3, Pungency: 3.8

*As measured at time of crush.

(See FAQs for more information about the above chemical analysis)


Fava Bean Dip & Veggies (Appetizer)

Fig & Red Onion Balsamic Confit (Appetizer)

Savory Hummus (Appetizer)

Banana Bread (Dessert)

Roasted Cherry Tomato Bruschetta (Appetizer)

Homemade Peanut Butter (Miscellaneous)

Athinolia Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil