Try Caribbean Jerk Turkey for Thanksgiving.  Rub your bird with Butter Olive Oil and then rub about 4 tablespoons of our Caribbean Jerk Seasoning under and on top of the skin.  Roast as usual.  It's AMAZING!


This creamy extra virgin olive oil is infused with a rich buttery taste.  It is made with plant extracts that mimic the flavor of butter. It is reminiscent of unsalted theater popcorn butter - yum. Use this golden vegan, dairy free olive oil as a butter substitute in baking or anywhere you might use melted butter including over hot popcorn; with crab or shrimp; for bread dipping or over pasta, mashed potatoes or rice.  It makes spectacular grilled cheese sandwiches and scrambled eggs.  You can substitute it 1:1 with vegetable or other oils in baking recipes; if you're replacing butter, reduce the amount of oil by one-fourth (1 cup butter=3/4 cup butter flavor olive oil).


It pairs well with the following vinegars:


Blueberry, Cinnamon Pear, Coconut, Maple and Red Apple


*Bolded items are our favorite combinations.


Try these recipes

Browned Pineapple & Brie Bruschetta (Appetizer)

Buttery Homemade Bread (Breads)

Grilled Steaks -- rub on steaks, add salt and peper, and grill

Butter Flavor Olive Oil


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