Delta Blue rice is fresh and simply delicious.  It's hard to imagine the difference between this rice and grocery store rice wthout tasting it, but just imagine fresh, plump kernels of rice with a wonderful, slightly creamy texture.  This is definite the Lexus of rice.


It is grown and packaged by a single Mississippi family which takes special measures to grow and handle the rice with the care and consideration for the environment.


We carry 1 lb. bags of white long grain rice, brown rice, and brown rice grits.  We love them all.   Whether serving it plain or incorporating it in your favorite rice-based dishes, it is a star.


SPECIAL OFFER:  We received one shipment of white rice grits labeled as long grain white rice.  So since we're not sure if every bag is grits (some might really be white rice), we're selling them at a deep discount while we have them.  So take a change; see what's in the bag!



Delta Blues Rice

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