We carry a unique and very fresh brand of dips.  Each bag makes 4-5 cups of dip when combined with mayo and sour cream.  They can also be used for cheese balls and in other dishes.  Each bag comes with serving ideas.


It's Greek to Me -- This dip makes a delicious spread that is wonderful on toasted baguettes and crackers. A blend of onion, tomatoes, parsley, oregano and spices mixed with your kalamata olives and feta cheese will have everyone asking for more.


Garlic of Eatin' -- One of our "packed full of flavor" dips that combines roasted garlic, tomato, rosemary and other special herbs, and you can add artichoke hearts and parmesan cheese if you wish. It can be made into a hot or cold dip. 


Popeye's Passion --This dip mix is so good even the kids will love it!  It's a sensational dip with the spinach right in the package. This is our number one best seller!


Pesto Pastabilities -- This is a dip mix where basil is at its best!  Create a variety of delectable delicacies, hot or cold, with this blend of herbs and basil.  Our favorite recipe - pasta sauce with grilled chicken and mushrooms.


Thrill of the Dill -- This dip mix is one of our most popular. A great blend of dill, onion, parsley, and spices. Wonderful as a vegtable dip and accompanies most seafood.


Eat your Veggies -- Our newest addition, this lovely dip is creamy, luscious and has the delicious taste of sweet onion and other veggies.  It's hard to stop eating it!  Trust us, we've tried but not very successfully.



Dip Mixes

Dip Mixes
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