Our wonderful handmade soaps are made locally with our 100% extra virgin olive oil.  They are amazingly creamy and smooth, making your skin feel especially supple.  We change scents from time to time as our local soapmaker, Shelly, comes up with new creations.  Let them dry overnight and they'll last just as long as a commercial bar of soap, but your skin will feel so much better.


Orange Slice -- yum, and makes your shower smell delicious, too

Iced Lemon Bar -- citrusy and fresh-scented

Beer -- not scented with beer, but actually made with beer because beer makes the soap doubly soothing.  Many who have eczema or psoriasis have found this soap to be beneficial.  It is unscented.


And for our canine friends, we also carry two soaps for dogs.

Peppermint -- helps repel fleas and ticks

Colloidal Oatmeal -- great for itchy skin

These are bar soaps that lather just enough to do the job, and they are gentle.



Handmade Olive Oil Soap