Stone & Grove olive leaf teas are made using the finest fresh olive leafs, sourced from groves in Northwest Victoria, Australia.  Produced seasonally using a traditional Japanese process, these olive leaf teas are packed with antioxidants and made to be enjoyed pure or with handcrafted, and refreshingly delicious, wellness blends.  Olive leaf tea is milder and more delicate than regular tea but packs a wallop of health benefits.


We are now carrying three varieties.  


Olive Leaf + Immunity Boost -- mild in flavor and high in inflammation-fighting properties with the addition of echinacea root, ginger, liquorice root and lemon leaves to help build the body's immunity defenses.


Olive Leaf + Women's Health -- similar in taste to a mild English breakfast tea, even people who don't care for tea find this one delicious.  Mild inflavor plus nettle, chamomile and red rose.


Olive Leaf + Green Tea Sencha -- gently picked and process using a traditional Japanese green tea method to maximize quality, flavor and the rich olive antioxidants.  Sencha green tea is the most popular tea in Japan, made from the very youngest tea leaves.  This tea has a gentle flavor with huge health benefits.


Each natural canister contains 16 pyramid tea bags.  

Olive Leaf Tea

Flavor Selections