This truly unique oil brings together the iconic flavors of coastal Reggio Calabria -- Spicy Calabrian chilis, sweet basil, purple heirloom garlic, and piquant Pecorino cheese.  Use it with potatoes or pasta, in aioli or sauces, to flavor meats and poultry, as a bread dipper, and to make garlic bread.  We use it on pizza crust and even sauteed the veggies for a veggie pizza in it.  Since it's only medium spicy, it just lends a delicate spiciness with all the fragrances of cheese, garlic and basil.


Pairs with the following vinegars:


Sicilian Lemon, Traditional, Neapolitan Herb, Serrano Honey, Espresso, Denissimo.


*Bolded items are our favorite combinations.



Vegetable Pizza (Entrees)

Campanella Salad (Salads) coming

Spicy Calabrian Pesto Olive Oil