Middle Eastern Shawarma

I've been looking for a schawarma recipe as good as what I had in the Middle East two decades ago, and I finally found it.  I usually don't post recipes with lots of ingredients, but this one is worth it.  Rather than recreate the wheel, I recommend Roxana Begun's website and video for preparation since she makes it so easy.  Mine was perfect on the first try.  As she notes, this is a wonderful make-ahead recipe and great for a party.  The fragrance from the spices will make all your guests want it, and the taste is absolutely wonderful.


Rather than roast it in the oven, I simply grilled it on my grill until it reached 140 degrees.  And of course, I used our Unflavored Olive Oil to make the spice mix.  Loved it. 

You can serve the lamb with flatbreadrice or couscous, sliced vegetables (cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, onions), tahini sauce, hot sauce, pickles and tabbouleh or yogurt dip -- pretty much anything you wish.