Make a Focaccia Bag Face Mask

Michelle, in our Panama City Beach store, came up with the idea of using Focaccia Mix bags as face masks. What a great re-use!

If you have a focaccia bag (or other tightly woven fabric), you can make it into a face mask with just a couple of household items. I used a sewing machine, but this mask can be hand sewn just as well.

You'll need:

* The focaccia bag (or a 9x13 inch piece of fabric folded in half to make a 9x6 1/2" rectangle. Hem the edges if using your own cloth.)

* Some elastic or hair bands or even rubber bands

* 2-3 twist ties or other fairly thin wire

* Pins

Focaccia bag
Focaccia bag and elastic options

Focaccia Bag Elastic, Rubber Band (cut), Hair Bands