Make a Focaccia Bag Face Mask

Michelle, in our Panama City Beach store, came up with the idea of using Focaccia Mix bags as face masks. What a great re-use!

If you have a focaccia bag (or other tightly woven fabric), you can make it into a face mask with just a couple of household items. I used a sewing machine, but this mask can be hand sewn just as well.

You'll need:

* The focaccia bag (or a 9x13 inch piece of fabric folded in half to make a 9x6 1/2" rectangle. Hem the edges if using your own cloth.)

* Some elastic or hair bands or even rubber bands

* 2-3 twist ties or other fairly thin wire

* Pins

Focaccia Bag Elastic, Rubber Band (cut), Hair Bands

1) Pin 3 pleats on each short end of the mask.

2) Stitch the pleats in place.

3) Find something stretchy. You'll see below a length of elastic, 2 rubber bands cut in one place and knotted on each end, or two elastic hair bands which can be cut to make a length of elastic. If you have nothing stretchy, you can use shoe laces or other cording and just tie the ends to fit your face. See below about determining the length of your elastic.

4) I used a piece of elastic that was fairly wide, so I cut it in half.

5) I needed 7 1/2 inches of elastic, but since you might be using unconventional elastic, stitch one end of your elastic to each of the top edges of your mask. Then, loop in around your ears and carefully pin it to the bottom corners. Then stitch the bottom corners in place.

6) To make the wire that fits across your nose, center the twist ties or wire on the top edge of your mask. I'm using 3 twist ties stacked on top of each other. Slowly zigzag stitch the twist ties in place. Stitch slowly to avoid breaking your needle.

7) Below is the nose wire stitched in place.

8) You're done! Wear your mask whenever you might be near other people. It's even washable although you mind need to replace the wire from time to time to keep your mask in perfect shape. Please stay safe out there.

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